by Arch Powell IV

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...this was my attempt to make something similar to Wish You Were Here or Animals by Pink Floyd, a conceptual record with a small tracklist designed to be experienced as a whole. My overall concept was to create something appropriate for a quick drive, a record that would keep you entertained without being intrusive and last the whole trip with little to no remainder.... musically, "Saturnalia" is a bit more similar to The Doors....
...structurally, the direction I was going in around this album involved deceptively short, simple songs neatly arranged into psuedo-progressive suites that ebb and flow within individual songs, as well as across the album, and have plenty of room for improvisation, expansion and experimentation onstage...

-Archie C. Powell, IV
retrospective introduction/ (6/16/2016)


released February 10, 2011

Arch Powell IV - Guitars, bass, organ, rhythm box, banjo, vocals
Nicholas Duvic - Drums (track 4)

All songs written by Arch except track 4 written by Arch and Nick
Produced by Arch Powell for himself; any enjoyment by other parties is purely coincidental



all rights reserved


Arch Powell IV Hammond, Louisiana

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Track Name: Sunny Delight
[part i]
drinking the juice of the sun
before the morning has even begun
i am the only one
everyone else is done

i've just got an early start
you think that you know the shape of my heart
i've tasted what's much too tart
it burrowed deep and made me restart

[part iii]
in all the accents of my mind
i've never gotten so far behind
no matter what the paradox
i refuse the tiny box
afforded me with nothing else
told me to go and fend for myself

never have i felt so alive
as on those days i almost died
makes me wanna hang on tight
when i fall off every night

almost into the abyss
high above what could be bliss
still don't want to take the risk
so i tighten up my grip

[part iv]

daylight comes and once again
going round and round and round
won't you please make it stop?

i climb up high
see with my third eye
i think i'm goin blind

[part iii reprise]
Track Name: Still Gone
ahh, hahh, ahh
ahh, hahh, ahh

the faint smell of gasoline
before i catch fire
reminds me just how much
i screwed up that day

i'm tryin to change
i'm not changin at all
and that's all because
you're still gone

been gone a long
i walked off the straight line
i lost track of my mind
i ran out of time
Track Name: Triangle
the king, he sits
and watches clouds roll by
and every single day he wonders why
he doesn't just leave

the queen resists
from another guy
she gives the king a kiss and reminds him why
he wants to stay

the prince stands on the edge of the world
his father rules while he twirls his curls and thinks about a girl
he met her once
the sister of a friend
now he wonders if he'll ever see her again
she's an alien...
Track Name: Even Though You Know
your black hole eyes swallow all they see
but tell me can they see through me?
or do i block you by surprise
and shine a mirror in those eyes

even though you know, you don't
just when you think it will, it won't
you think you know me, but you can't
baby girl, it's a dangerous dance

you say another way will not be found
i bet there's another one around
just wait there and you'll see
your black hole eyes can't fathom me
Track Name: Shadows
as i fade into shadow
i lose everything i never left behind
reach out and try to hold onto
lose your grip on the essence of your mind

and i'm falling...

roll over me, roll over me
and bury me
lose me in the storm
i'm never coming back
i am never coming back

i will never come back